Hayley Kiyoko ve kehlani

Max & Hayley Kiyoko, 'Missed Calls' On this soulful new bop, Max teams up with Lesbian Jesus herself, Hayley Kiyoko, to tackle the feeling of emptiness that comes right after a breakup. Hayley Kiyoko, known adoringly by her fans as Lesbian Jesus, just dropped some brand new visuals in support of her collaboration with bisexual singer Kehlani. The song, “What I Need,” is a propulsive summer banger, and its video is just a drop in the bucket of reasons as to why fans have dubbed Kiyoko their gay lord and savior. Directed by Kiyoko, the video packs an impressive number of twists and turns into its five-and-a-half-minute runtime, ending on a sweet scene of Kiyoko and Kehlani kissing by the side of the road. Hayley Kiyoko, Actress: Insidious: Chapter 3. Hayley first appeared in national commercials for GM, On Star, K-Mart, and Slim Jim, and became the TV spokesperson for Cinnamon Toast Crunch. In addition, she had a couple of guest star roles on Nickelodeon's Unfabulous (2004). As a dancer, she studied with Scotty Nyugen. She is a prolific songwriter and she plays the drums, keyboards, and guitar... The What I need video starring Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani is one of the most heart melting videos of 2018. I've got the shivers, you guys. I’ve got the shivers, you guys ... some straight white male takes interest in the two girls after realizing they've snuck in the back of his truck. Kehlani hops back in the truck with the scumbag driver ... [Bridge: Kehlani & Hayley Kiyoko] We could be bigger and brighter than space Ain't no running away No, real loving is sure The way that I love, there's no taking my place Staring you right in your ... Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani play a pair of BFFs on the run in the music video for their new single 'What I Need' off the album 'Expectations'. Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani get hot and heavy on the side of the road in their new video What I Need. By Ross Mcdonagh For Dailymail.com. Published: 01:05 EDT, 2 June 2018 Updated: 03:36 EDT, 3 ... Kehlani and Hayley Kiyoko in ‘What I Need’ music video (Screenshot via YouTube) Lesbian pop star Hayley Kiyoko and queer R&B singer Kehlani give into their feelings for each other during a ... Hayley Kiyoko Cancels Tour: ‘One Of The Hardest Decisions I’ve Ever Made’ Jamie Samhan. ... RELATED: Kehlani And Hayley Kiyoko Are In Love In ‘What I Need’ Music Video.

Happy Pride Month! Here’s a list of some LGBT+ artists you should listen to!

2020.06.10 19:16 racloves Happy Pride Month! Here’s a list of some LGBT+ artists you should listen to!

I spent a couple hours compiling this list and gathering links and stuff, I’m only including artists who have spoken openly about their sexuality/gender, I’m not here to speculate. I also tried to mainly include pop or pop adjacent music. I will also likely come back and edit to update this post with more artists, so feel free to suggest any in the comments)
(This list is in no particular order)
ALMA / electro pop / lesbian / https://youtu.be/9dmbItlMJiw
Brandi Carlile / alt pop/rock / came out as lesbian in 2002 / https://youtu.be/5r6A2NexF88
Saara Aalto / pop / lesbian / https://youtu.be/syjrB5lVIQI
Gladys Bentley / blues / historic black lesbian! / https://youtu.be/ptIBk2PZK74
Girl in Red / indie pop / lesbian / https://youtu.be/_BMBDY01kPk
Laura Jane Grace / punk rock / trans lesbian / https://youtu.be/Um4_v8FFWKY
Lynn Gunn (of PVRIS) / alt pop / lesbian / https://youtu.be/-zldNM8XYLw
Horse McDonald / indie / lesbian / https://youtu.be/PyE3llJoWaw
King Princess / indie pop / genderqueer and gay / https://youtu.be/LNxWTS25Tbk
Diana King / reggae / came out as lesbian in 2012 / https://youtu.be/szjaHbjhauk
Mary Lambert / R&B, spoken word / lesbian / https://youtu.be/rG4nRI9Wmzk
Left At London / indie pop / non binary trans women, lesbian / https://youtu.be/Zx415xT0gB4
Faith Nolan / folk, jazz / lesbian / https://youtu.be/yNui_-yBsgM
O’Hooley & Tidow / folk / lesbian wives singing duo! / https://youtu.be/YInK5yhBQE0
Carole Pope / rock / lesbian / https://youtu.be/aeYFs9kMOC4
Lucy Spraggan / folk pop / lesbian / https://youtu.be/VLvmUgDmuBs
Tegan and Sara / indie pop / lesbian twins / https://youtu.be/HJOHoiPGpac
Hayley Kiyoko / pop / lesbian / https://youtu.be/anIqZSfxOQU
Olly Alexander (of Years & Years) / electro pop / gay / https://youtu.be/niviooakBLs
John Barrowman / pop / gay / https://youtu.be/xs1hk_o_SuY
Ryan Beatty / bedroom pop / gay / https://youtu.be/x5LaDjqTujY
Big Freedia / electro hip hop / gay / https://youtu.be/KUwBOMtLk8Q
Greyson Chance / pop / gay / https://youtu.be/LmIHKB6OFHQ
Luke Evans / pop / gay / https://youtu.be/pdE-vBKKZC0
Superfruit / pop / Both members are gay / https://youtu.be/r2Kh_XMIDPU
Todrick Hall / pop / gay / https://youtu.be/TQ04gPb4LlY
Mika / pop / gay / https://youtu.be/MnL9CEONfUA
Holland / k pop / gay / https://youtu.be/XE5KFB9LbxY
Elton John / pop-glam rock / gay / https://youtu.be/ZHwVBirqD2s
Adam Lambert / pop rock / gay / https://youtu.be/E53PkThqKDE
Lil Nas X / hip hop / gay / https://youtu.be/bXcSLI58-h8
Ricky Martin / Latin pop / gay / https://youtu.be/htWTuV0apXk
Perfume Genius / indie pop / gay / https://youtu.be/ln4S83JeY2Y
Ben Platt / pop / gay / https://youtu.be/zYAwaAdgqqs
Calum Scott / pop / gay / https://youtu.be/q31tGyBJhRY
Troye Sivan / pop / gay / https://youtu.be/k5TqNsr6YuQ
Sam Smith / pop / gay and non binary / https://youtu.be/PmYypVozQb4
Pabllo Vittar / Latin electro pop / gay / https://youtu.be/4zJ4i6Az2Ck
Conchita Wurst / pop / gay / https://youtu.be/FUBSFzUp924
Will Young / pop / gay / https://youtu.be/wwRwspRPdB4
RuPaul / dance pop / gay / https://youtu.be/M4d20Tyzlv0
Anne-Marie / pop / said she is attracted to men and women but doesn’t label / https://youtu.be/2FtFwAaCjrM
Aurora / alt pop / said she had been in relationships with men and women but doesn’t label / https://youtu.be/7YDkrJaiCrw
Janelle Monáe /R&B / pansexual and non binary / https://youtu.be/tGRzz0oqgUE
Taylor Bennett / hip hop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/JMnhraYhtEI
Phoebe Bridgers / indie rock / bisexual / https://youtu.be/Tw0zYd0eIlk
Tyler Carter / pop/rock / bisexual / https://youtu.be/DCPO_0383TM
Clairo / bedroom pop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/L9l8zCOwEII
Daya / electro pop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/gxmILdU2O6U
Ezra Furman / pop rock / trans and bisexual, uses he or she as pronouns / https://youtu.be/y_SP7aE4tRQ
Lzzy Hale (of Halestorm) / rock / bisexual / https://youtu.be/8hkmuTvkp_s
Halsey / alt pop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/8nBFqZppIF0
Janis Joplin / rock / has publicly been in relationships with both men and women / https://youtu.be/7uG2gYE5KOs
Kesha / pop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/v-Dur3uXXCQ
Lady Gaga / pop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/5L6xyaeiV58
Duncan Laurence / pop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/seIsOmEZlN4
Tove Lo / electro pop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/wBwFLzxOIDk
Mxmtoon / bedroom pop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/Owvji3p7kB0
Frank Ocean / R&B / bisexual / https://youtu.be/XnbsIl2BnWw
Arlo Parks / indie pop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/nYRGfdq0so4
Princess Nokia / hip-hop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/HxTKdmcbOK0
Sia / pop / “I’ve always dated boys and girls and anything in between” / https://youtu.be/vnfGni4_RlI
Slayyyter / electro pop / bisexual / https://youtu.be/y6VY9_KvGK0
Dusty Springfield / pop/soul / has been in public relationships with women / https://youtu.be/oAZLgsDRUv4
Kali Uchis / R&B / bisexual / https://youtu.be/n0tWINt8Ofk
Kim Petras / pop / trans / https://youtu.be/oLmn8qkqzJI
Dorian Electra / pop / gender fluid / https://youtu.be/MDDukLyXY-M
SOPHIE / electro pop / trans / https://youtu.be/es9-P1SOeHU
Kevin Abstract / alt hip hop / gay / https://youtu.be/3UPJGFT1HuI
Rina Sawayama / alt pop / pan/bisexual / https://youtu.be/TO2c06p6m5w
Christine and the Queens / pop / pansexual and genderqueer / https://youtu.be/znAsFBSKSbw
k. d. lang / country / lesbian / https://youtu.be/oXqPjx94YMg
Shura / alt pop / lesbian / https://youtu.be/x2AOjb9HW2E
Kehlani / R&B / queer / https://youtu.be/TmFP1AP-afM
Jake Shears / pop / gay / https://youtu.be/IHn2vE1xxkw
Brooke Candy / electro pop / pansexual / https://youtu.be/vYKzFd-O-xE
Please feel free to reply with any other lgbt+ artists (and links to them confirming their sexuality/gender) I wanted to make sure I got everyone’s identity right in this post. So please also comment with any corrections, or if any of the links don’t work.
Also - if you’re an lgbt+ artist promote yourself!!!
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2020.03.31 07:20 Magnusrushedin Best WLW pride songs?

I'm making a bi pride/positivity playlist and I need some recommendations! I've got classics like Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko, girls by girl in red, and Honey by Kehlani. Any suggestions for other positive songs about WLW? What are some of your favorite gay pride anthems that help you tune out the negativity?
Thanks in advance!
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2019.11.13 20:46 queenannye I have a question/dynamic for y’all: if you could create a playlist with songs inspired by/dedicated to the characters, what songs would you use?👀

Here are some of my personal preferences:
•Noah: Jar of hearts- Christina Perry (This route keeps breaking my heart😭🤡)
And it took so long just to feel alright Remember how to put back the light in my eyes, I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed, 'Cause you broke all your promises, And now you're back, you don't get to get me back
•Lucas: Earned it-The Weeknd 👀🔥
•Bobby: Lucky- Jason Mraz Ft. Colbie Caillat
• Gary : Livin’ On A Prayer- Bon Jovi
•Rocco : I knew you were trouble - Taylor Swift
•Ibrahim: We are never ever getting back together - Taylor Swift (After that CA BS you ain’t getting shit sir😒)
•Kassam: Like I do- David Guetta, Martin Garrix & Brooks (Just LOOOVE MEEE! 😫In DJ language obviously😏)
•Marisol : What I need- Hayley Kiyoko Ft. Kehlani
•Priya: Woman up- Meghan Trainor
•Chelsea: Shake it off- Taylor Swift
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2019.09.30 12:43 stillhavehope99 Songs that were considered 'edgy' when they first came out that are now incredibly tame?

What songs were seen as provocative and daring when they were first released but are now anything but?
For me, it has to be Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl. I like to think now that the concept of bisexuality isn't so gasp-worthy. Everything about the song frames girl-on-girl action as this rebellious, ~naughty~ taboo and even the way the words are stressed on the chorus ("I kissed a GIRL and I LIKED IT") is weirdly sensationalist.
Maybe this is wishful thinking, but I like to think that in the eleven short years since we've come a long way. Nowadays, artists like Halsey (Bad At Love, Strangers), Kehlani (Playinwitme), Lady Gaga (Americano), Hayley Kiyoko (Sleepover, Feelings), Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét (Monopoly) can reference same-sex love without it being this big spectacle. Attempts at releasing a sapphic song with a similar tone to Katy's (Girls by Rita Ora) hasn't had the explosive, "what???? She kisses GIRLS????" reaction that Katy's did. Looking back on I Kissed A Girl in 2019 makes for a weird experience.
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2019.04.24 20:06 Oo1derboioO My Thursday Studyguide

I've been doing this the past few years as a joke with friends, It also allows me to explore the lineup and discover some sweet music. I've been to Lolla with 0 research which means you go see just who you have heard of...and by doing my homework beforehand and really steaking out your day. I definitely prefer the latter. The festival website has a good little bio on most bands, which is way less tedious than looking them up on youtube/wikipedia all the time.

THE STROKES – I’m going to try to be as drunk as jullian casablancas during this show. I love this band, I would listen to reptillia on repeat and binge-study in college, they headlined Lolla Chile 2017, looks like they still bring it
THE CHAINSMOKERS – I can’t wait to make out with a 20 year old
HOZIER- what do edgy Mormon kids listen to? Hozier. That’s who.
RÜFÜS DU SOL- hopefully they remember to charge their IPODS this time and don’t cancel their set. Jk I had fun last time I saw them
H.E.R. “an artist with a keen skill for channeling the pain and ecstasy of life through a variety of sonic moods.. "I wrote these songs during a dark time, so selling out shows has blown my mind." Sweet sad R & B! can’t wait to sit in the shade and eat grilled cheese to this
GUD VIBRATIONS VS SLUGZ MUSIC – EDM dj’s find the newsest way to differentiate themselves, by “Facing off”, or otherwise co-piloting a Spotify playlist intersected with deep bass synths and energetic rhetorical inquiries like “WHERE MY HEADBANGERS AT!?”
LIL BABY – you should check out his song “drip 2 hard” which recants a time where rapper lil baby had a blackout night with a stranger and required a penicillin shot in the ass.
KING PRINCESS – name taken from the thesaurus of “you see what I did there?” band names, “At 11 she turned down a record deal in favor of finishing school, which eventually led her to USC's Thornton School of Music for college.” She’s appears to be lesbian, pop artist
FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS – you know you got a solid lolla band when your song is featured on enterprise rent-a-car commercials and 8th grade pep rallies (look up the walker) – I can see myself having fun at these guys.
FISHER – ok this guy appears to be a house DJ you’d see playing at pride fest, so naturally I’m going to go there and trick shaun into taking his shirt off somehow.
LAUREN DAIGLE “A whirlwind three-year journey brought two-time GRAMMY® Award-winning songstress Lauren Daigle right back to her native Louisiana in 2017.”- pretty much adele, she’s got some pipes
**FKJ – “**Music can often be directly rooted to one location – murky electronics belong to London nightbus rides; smoke-filled saxophone solos evoke images of dusky New York jazz bars” – really glad they (lolla) hired a hipster to do bios of every band, it was such a pain in the ass to look everyone up on Wikipedia individually and determine their genre is defined as “smoke filled saxophone”
DEORRO “After more than a decade of developing his genre-blurring musical style, Los Angeles-born producer Deorro……” you’re not blending genres when you have an autotoned singer projecting catchy/elementary lyrics over lazerbeams and building drums….. I’m sorry that doesn’t count
**SABA “**Six months after releasing Care For Me — a sophomore studio LP on which Saba transforms his survivor's guilt into something equal parts traumatic and transcendent — the Chicago native paid a visit to Tiny Desk.” Artsy def jam slamrap…. Has an NPR tiny desk and a full arrangement
**NORMANI “**Best-known as one of the four members in the multi-platinum group Fifth Harmony, Normani began to explore a new musical direction on her debut solo single "Love Lies" with Khalid. Since its release, the song has been streamed over 650 million times” poppy R&B
HAYLEY KIYOKO 'Curious' and 'What I Need' (featuring Kehlani) have placed her at the forefront of an unapologetically queer pop movement." I don’t think I’ll be allowed at this concert…
LENNON STELLA – former youtuber now teen pop sensation! How inspiring! She has that “takes a bitch to know a bitch” song which I’ve heard on the radio
**HOBO JOHNSON & THE LOVEMAKERS -**NERDS, hipsters, thespians and alternative hip hop, yep band geeks got around and do that slam poetry hip hop stuff, but they are as white as wonderbread…. Can’t say their genre’s saturated at least
JEREMY ZUCKER – a wholesome young cute bro singing catchy pop songs on a rooftop in Toronto, he’s like Justin beiber if he didn’t start getting famous until 21
CAUTIOUS CLAY – Hip-Hoppy R&B singer, leon bridges-ey
GHOSTEMANE **- “**Growing up in Florida, Ghostemane (Eric Whitney) was originally a guitar player for hardcore and doom metal bands. Whitney was introduced to rap music when he was the guitarist in the hardcore punk band Nemesis and a bandmate introduced him to Memphis rap….” You kidding me? This genre of music fucking exists? Like did fred durst have kids and they’re rebelling?
SHALLOU “Joe Boston aka shallou is a Maryland-born indie electronic artist whose debut EP All Becomes Okay catapaulted him from obscurity to prominence via strong word-of-mouth buzz.” – rufusey sounding -
CLOZEE she’s played banaroo/electric forest – prolly a good time to wook it up at perries
EMILY KING – She reminds me of Prince “remind me” gives me Wilson Phillips guilty pleasure vibes
**GOTHBOICLIQUE “**They are the pioneers of retro Emo and 90s Memphis-goth-rap-revivalism that currently dominates the underground rap scene.” - call me the grumpy old man who says that the music kids listen to these days sucks.
YBN CORDAE - our generation had lil bow wow, this generation has YBN Cordae….. he’s not terrible has this song called locationships, which actually perfectly describes the songwriting style akin to Afro Man, and Lou Bega
SVDDEN DEATH “Taking inspirations from Noisia,16BIT, Skrillex, and other legends in the dubstep community - SVDDEN DEATH has formulated a hybrid of textured rhythms and sub-wrecking basslines to create his own maniacal sound. Curating all original sets,” – it’s the soundtrack of purchasing ecstasy
ELEPHANTE- Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Tim Wu began his musical career as a classically-trained pianist and singer-songwriter, playing in bands in high school and college. Graduating from Harvard University, - yet he’s still a dj, at least it sounds like he hasn’t ruined his brain with ketamine
DUCKY (LIVE) – “DUCKY is a San Francisco bred, Los Angeles based producer and DJ who has been playing clubs since she was 13 (via fake ID vibes)”- this was 3 years ago….. it’s the EDM you’d listen to if you were also into anime’
HALF•ALIVE - The music of half•alive breathes, evolves, grows, and changes alongside the lives of the Long Beach trio - Josh Taylor [vocals], Brett Kramer [drums], and J Tyler Johnson [bass]. Encompassing R&B, funk, pop, rock, soul, and more under a glow of disco ball bliss,- They look like the dudes from silicon valley, they sound a lil bit like parcels, and they have music videos like OK GO
KILLY – man ever since drake came in the Canadian rap scene has really blown up….. this guy is in no way like drake in the entertainment sense.
MAX FROST- I feel like he could sound track any EA sports game, and it would be my favorite song on it. Now the 26-year-old singer, multi-instrumentalist and dynamic live performer, who in a few short years has seen his star rise in a major way thanks to tours with everyone from Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Fitz and The Tantrums, and Gary Clark Jr –
BEACH BUNNY- alt pop “sadgirl” music. And they’re from chicago so that is neat
HARRY HUDSON 25-year-old "Folk Pop" artist Harry Hudson was born in New Jersey but moved to Los Angeles at a young age…… sounds an aweful lot like pop-pop to me… regardless its not a jamband so no thanks….
COUSIN STIZZ – raps about lawless chicago neighborhoods which makes me feel privileged and uncomfortable
**DES ROCS – “**Singer and songwriter Des Rocs has set his sights on reigniting the grandiosity of rock music. The New York City native has cultivated a gritty yet infectious sound that nods to vintage rock n' roll while offering a modern alternative twist. He's created bombastically loud music constructed unironically for speakers that hit 11, buzzing with all the electricity of contemporary hits.” – I’m going to be a sucker for anyone who isn’t a multi instrumentalist pop singer rapper or whatever, so don’t know if this actually good or if it stand out.
WIN AND WOO - A duo from Chicago, IL; Win and Woo is comprised of longtime friends Nick Winholt and Austin Woo. Their eclectic style is fused with a heavy blend of melodies & driving bass lines that work seamlessly with intricate percussion. The two draw inspiration from those push the limits of their creativity.- danceable, isn’t all “LET ME HEAR YOU”
AMA LOU - Win and woo then ama lou, lol….. Artsy Hip-hoppy, Erika Byduuvibes
WILLARIS. K - Gaining support from legendary BBC Radio 1 tastemaker Pete Tong, east coast Australian producer Willaris. K continues to leave his sonic footprint in the electronic sphere on account of his progressive, eclectic productions and widely acclaimed live shows. – Think a good rule of thumb, is if these dj’s are good enough to fly across the pond, the probably bring something to the table
EVAN KONRAD “The best way to describe the music would be Thom Yorke translating Christopher Nolan’s Memento into songs, and even that only scratches the surface.” I’m a so-so radiohead/Christopher Nolan fan, and in No way does this dude sound like either one of those
BAD CHILD- and worse music… jk its just another multi instrumentalist guy making loops and signing just does nothing for me at this point.
ALEXANDER 23…… another one of those guys, singing break-up songs… and about moving to California and he’s not whitney
JACKIE FOSTER – she was a contestant on the Voice! I wonder if she has any songs about heartbreak and self doubt? Then finding resilience within herself? God I fucking hope so
FALU’S BAZAAR – Grammy nominated international superstar who has more fans that 90% of these bands, why? Because they are from india and a billion people live there, all sharing the strange slumdog millionare taste in music
SONIA DE LOS SANTOS – You see that movie COCO? It was beautiful, well this band has traditional Mexican music that can be heard on every Hispanic radio station
JOANIE LEEDS & THE NIGHTLIGHTS – one minute your opening for motely crew doing blow off of nipples and pelvic tattoos fast forward 30 years and your touring with joanie leads & the nightlights at kidapalooza
SCHOOL OF ROCK ALLSTARS- i’ve convinced them to let me sit in on one song…. Free bird.
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2019.02.02 06:01 TragicKingdom1 The 20GayTeen Rate!!

2018 was a great year for LGBT-centric media, with movies like The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Love, Simon garnering critical acclaim and television shows like Queer Eye and Pose captivating the world. Music was no exception, and given the high percentage of LGBT people on this subreddit (over half of the userbase, according to the last census), it is understandable that we would want to celebrate the achievements of queer artists this year with the highest honor that can be bestowed in this subreddit: a rate. With that being said, let's introduce the albums we are rating!
(In the tracklistings below, there are YouTube links to music videos or if the song is unavailable on major streaming services. If you want to skip to rating, here is the pre-filled link.)

Troye Sivan - Bloom

It's hard to be a gay member of Gen Z and not have heard of Troye Sivan. In the early 2010s, he got his start as a YouTube vlogger, becoming one of the most prominent LGBT creators on the site. Given his background in musical theater, it seemed natural to pivot to music like all YouTubers seem to do at some point (regardless of their talent.) His debut single "Happy Little Pill" reached #92 on the Billboard Hot 100, and his career only went up from there. His debut album Blue Neighbourhood was released in late 2015 and reached #7 on the Billboard 200, as well as spawning his first top 40 hit "Youth."
That leads us into his sophomore effort Bloom. Often favorably compared to Lorde's Melodrama, the album explores extremely personal experiences of Troye's as a gay person over some of the most sophisticated pop production in the industry. The album may not have been a commercial breakout for Troye, but it definitely proved his artistic worth as a short but sweet slice of synthpop.
  1. Seventeen
  2. My My My!
  3. The Good Side
  4. Bloom
  5. Postcard (feat. Gordi)
  6. Seventeen (Reprise)
  7. Dance to This (feat. Ariana Grande)
  8. Plum
  9. What A Heavenly Way To Die
  10. Lucky Strike
  11. Animal
  12. This This
  13. Running Shoes
  • Billboard 200 Peak - #4
  • UK Albums Chart Peak - #10
  • Popheads Album Chart Peak - #2
  • Metacritic Score - 85
  • Pitchfork Score - 7.5

Hayley Kiyoko - Expectations

Hayley Kiyoko, dubbed "Lesbian Jesus" by her fanbase, has had an extremely interesting career trajectory. She got her start as a member of the girl group The Stunners, which also contained future Dancing With The Stars 10th-placer Tinashe. From there, she had her breakout acting role in the Disney Channel Original Movie Lemonade Mouth, where she played the edgy one (if I recall correctly.) After that movie somehow failed to produce a sequel, she stayed under the radar until the release of her unapologetic lesbian anthem "Girls Like Girls" in 2015, which is probably her biggest hit to date. This established her away from the Disney branding and developed her fanbase as an independent queer artist.
That brings us to her long awaited debut album Expectations, which arrived this year after Hayley was stuck in EP purgatory for half a decade. The album has received praise on the subreddit for its uptempo bops, as well as for having great transitions between the tracks, making it a complete sonic experience from front-to-back. Again, we're in synthpop territory, with lyrics relating to Hayley's experiences as an out lesbian woman.
  1. Expecations (Overture)
  2. Feelings
  3. What I Need (feat. Kehlani)
  4. Sleepover
  5. Mercy / Gatekeeper
  6. Under The Blue / Take Me In
  7. Curious
  8. xx
  9. Wanna Be Missed
  10. He'll Never Love You (HNLY)
  11. Palm Dreams
  12. Molecules
  13. Let It Be
  • Billboard 200 Peak - #12
  • UK Albums Chart Peak - #24
  • Popheads Album Chart Peak - #7
  • Metacritic Score - 68
  • Pitchfork Score - 6.0

Years & Years - Palo Santo

Compared to the other artists in this rate, Years & Years (lead by openly gay frontman Olly Alexander) have experienced a lower level of notoriety on stan twitter and in the pop music community as a whole. Despite this, they have a number of accomplishments to their name. In early 2015, they won the annual BBC Sound of... poll, which launched their career in the United Kingdom as their next single "King" debuted at #1 there. That summer, their debut album Communion was released and gained a cult following that lingered until the beginning of their second era.
Their second album, titled Palo Santo began with a splash with the high-budget, futuristic video for the lead single "Sanctify" capturing the attention of the pop music community. The visual unity of the era through its short film, combined with the slick electropop sound (so electronic, in fact, that Billboard counts the group as electronic dance music) lead them to a much more critically acclaimed release this time around. In addition, they returned to the UK top 10 when "If You're Over Me" peaked at #6.
  1. Sanctify
  2. Hallelujah
  3. All For You
  4. Karma
  5. Hypnotised
  6. Rendezvous
  7. If You're Over Me
  8. Preacher
  9. Lucky Escape
  10. Palo Santo
  11. Here
  12. Howl
  13. Don't Panic
  14. Up In Flames
  • Billboard 200 Peak - #75
  • UK Albums Chart Peak - #3
  • Popheads Album Chart Peak - #3
  • Metacritic Score - 81
  • Pitchfork Score - 6.5
That's not all, however! Each of the artists involved have several loosies, features, or rare tracks from these eras that deserve to be rated in an OPTIONAL bonus rate. I've also thrown in the biggest singles from MNEK's 2018 album, as I came very close to including Language in the original submission of this rate, as well as Rita Ora's pop girl collaboration "Girls," for reasons that should be clear to you if you were on this subreddit during its release. Like all bonus rates, you cannot give any of these songs your 11 or 0. You can rate as few or as many of these tracks as you'd like!
  1. Charli XCX & Troye Sivan - 1999
  2. Troye Sivan & Jónsi - Revelation
  3. Lauv & Troye Sivan - i'm so tired...
  4. Phantoms ft. Hayley Kiyoko - Need You Closer
  5. Sweater Beats ft. Hayley Kiyoko - Glory Days
  6. Years & Years - Coyote
  7. Jax Jones and Years & Years - Play
  8. Years & Years and Jess Glynne - Come Alive
  9. MNEK - Tongue
  10. MNEK ft. Hailee Steinfeld - Colour
  11. Rita Ora ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX - Girls

Da Rulez:

  • Listen to every song listed (excluding the bonus rate, which is optional) and give it a score between one (1) and ten (10). You can use up to one decimal place, although I recommend only using integers and multiples of 0.5, because you're not special for giving a song a 7.3.
  • You may give one song a zero (0) and one song an eleven (11). These should be reserved for your favourite track and least favourite track. You also must leave a comment on any song you give an 11 or 0, but only if you are Piccprincess or CarlieScion.
  • You must use the prepared link to send in your scores.
  • Feel free to PM me on Reddit or Discord if you'd like to change any of your scores.
  • I reserve the right to reject any ballots that I suspect of sabotage, and to expose your scores in a variety of humiliating ways.
  • You can also add comments to any song or album! The following format is the only acceptable format for song and album comments, respectively:
xx: 1 why is this in the rate?
Album: Bloom: As an aspiring botanist, this album speaks to me.
Any of the following formats are INCORRECT and must be CORRECTED or your ballot will be REJECTED:
Here: 1 - Alessia Cara did it better!
Running Shoes: as somebody with no use of their legs, i have to give this a 1.
Karma: Elitefourbrad 1
Seventeen (Reprise): (1) Only Lorde is allowed to have reprises on an album!
Lucky Strike: 1: Lucky Strike sounds like a future hit. That's not a good thing.
Album: Expectations (okay, but what about the Lesbian Holy Spirit?)
Album: Palo Santo - WE FUCKING WANTED MNEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HERE is the link to submit your scores.

HERE is the link to the Spotify playlist. "Seventeen (Reprise)," "This This," "Running Shoes," and "Coyote" are all missing and can only be found on YouTube!

Thank you to everybody who does this rate! I'm extremely excited to finally get to host.

EDIT: This rate is due March 25th and will reveal from March 29th to 31st.

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2018.12.11 15:44 CarlieScion 2018 Album of the Year #11: Hayley Kiyoko - Expectations

Pre-emptive P.S.: Remember to do the 2017 Pop/Rock Rate

Artist: Hayley Kiyoko
Album: Expectations
Tracklist and Lyrics: Genius
Release Date: March 30, 2018
Listen: Album Trailer Apple Music Spotify YouTube


Hayley Kiyoko Alcroft was born on born April 3, 1991 and is in this day and age called Lesbian Jesus. I was born in 1997 and am in this day and age A Bisexual. The 90's literally invented wlw. In this essay I will...
So, most of y'all probably know something about Hayley Kiyoko. She's technically an ex-act, having starred in the 2011 Disney movie Lemonade Mouth and The Wizards of Waverly Place. You might also have seen her in the Scooby Do live-action movies, The Fosters or CSI: Cyber. She began her musical career in the girl group 'The Stunners' (where Tinashe was a fellow member). She released her first solo EP in 2013, titled A Belle to Remember.
However, she first began to see wider success with the EP This Side of Paradise, which featured the song Girls Like Girls. Hayley is an out-and-proud lesbian, and the music video for that track went somewhat viral on Tumblr and Youtube. The self-directed MV perfectly captures the thin line a lot of girls thread when they realize they like girls - "am I actually in love with my best friend?" The chemistry between the lead actors in this is insane, and if you haven't watched, go do it now! After this, she released the 2016 EP Citrine, where the lead single Gravel To Tempo also went somewhat viral, thanks to the (yet again) self-directed music video and a certain Headphone Girl.
2018 has been a good year for Hayley - she released Expectations and have now won the Billboard Women in Music Rising Star award. This award has previously been given to popheads favorites such as Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen, Janelle Monáe and popheads non-favorites such as Halsey. But enough about other artists, let's take a deeper look at my AOTY.

Album Review

There's apparently a theme for wlw in 2018 - naming their debut tracks/albums Expectations. But why did Hayley choose this name for her album? She says it's because expectations are both the best and the worst part of herself - she has high expectations to both herself and others, which often comes back to bite her in the ass.
She's also said that she thinks Expectations is an album best listened to from start to finish, which i definetly agree with. The interludes only makes sense in album context, and the transitions from for example Feelings into What I Need are good enough to warrant a full album listen through.
The album deals with themes of love (Wanna Be Missed) - especially being in love with girls who aren't ready to love you back (Curious, HNLY and What I Need), fame (Palm Dreams and Under The Blue/Take Me In), physical and mental illness (Mercy/Gatekeeper) and the loss of a loved one (Molecules). Hayley has said that every track on the album is like a little piece of her history, which is why there are so many different themes covered.
Expectations feels very organic, much like Hayley's last two EPs. Both song-writing and production feels like it wasn't put together by a big team in a studio - which is both good and bad. It feels like a clear picture of Hayley and who she wants to be, but there are also a few kinks that makes the album feel more raw - like Hayley's delivery on some of the songs (for example, singing "Sorry that I care", while sounding like she... doesn't care at all).
Instrumentally the album is very dreamy and summery. There are lots of drums and at some points, especially vulnerable moments, there are guitars. The album sounds like Los Angeles. Sometimes Hayley experiments with the production, like on Mercy/Gatekeeper, where it switches between a soft melody and almost satanic chanting on Gatekeeper. It's also important to note that Hayley's voice is very husky and smokey, which makes the album seem more raw and organic too - her voice isn't perfect but it is rather unique.
I couldn't possibly write about all the tracks on this album, because I kinda want to write full-page essays about all of them. So here are a select few I wanted to talk a bit deeper about.

Some Track Reviews I Felt Like Doing

Expectations (Overture)

The opening track on Expectations is also the title track. This interlude begins with silence, before waves and the wind can be heard. From that, the track turns darker and messier in its instrumental. It's a prelude to the melody and production used in Gatekeeper. The only line Hayley sings is the barely audible "Yeah, I know you wanna...", but it cuts off before we get to know what it is Hayley thinks her partner wants to do. It's a reflection of the relationship story that will be told throughout this album - it's unfinished. It also beings the theme of being the object of affection for somebody who can't or won't act fully on it.

What I Need ft. Kehlani

First of all, the transition from Feelings into this is heavenly. This bittersweet duet with Kehlani is about being with a girl who isn't ready to admit their sexuality. Honestly, this song is a 10/10, simply because of the chemistry between Hayley and Kehlani. This has been compared to Strangers by Halsey and Lauren Jauregui, simply for being a pop duet between two queer girls. Strangers, however, is about the natural end to a relationship when you can't even recognize the person you're with anymore. This song is about not being able to even start a relationship, because - as Hayley sings "I only want a girl who ain't afraid to love me // Not a metaphor of what we really could be". Hayley wants a true relationship, someone she can be with publicly.


Sleepover is the softest track on Expectations. It's about that longing, soul-crushing feeling a lot of gay girls have when they start developing crushes on their straight best friends. This is pretty much the 'Girls Like Girls' MV in song form. It's not a "lolz i was friendzoned" kinda song, it's much more Delicate (isn't it, isn't it) than that. It's about taking solace in knowing this person closely, even if it hurts to not have them in a romantic way.


There usually isn't songs about illnesses on pop albums, but Hayley is serving us a little bit of every part of her life. The first of two double feature songs, Mercy/Gatekeeper started as a poem. Hayley got a concussion on her 25th birthday and has struggled with Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) ever since. It gave her headaches and made her depressed. Mercy is calming instrumentally, but the lyrics deal with the physical pain she's feeling. Gatekeeper sounds much darker, but is actually about her trying to take control of herself again. It ends on both a hopeful and depressing lyric "Don't let me die / With my soul in the air // Don't let me die /When there's nobody here"


This wasn't the lead single, but this is THE single. This is the closest Hayley has come to breaking out in the mainstream, even performing the song with Taylor Swift at Gillette Stadium - truly a 20gayteen Moment™. Most notable for the fast-sung line "didyoutakehimtothepierinsantamonicaforgettobringajacketwrapupinhimcauseyouwantedto?", this song is about the same relationship from What I Need. While What I Need explains why the two lovers didn't work out, this track centers around Hayley obsessing over her lost lover's new relationship. The chorus ends in a two-punch of a line - "I'm just curious // Is it serious?". Hayley is asking her previous lover if her new relationship is serious, but she's also asking if their feelings for each other is serious - serious enough for her to act on them.

He'll Never Love You

This song is about the same situations as Curious and What I Need - Hayley being with a girl who isn't ready to be out. This is the only song on the album that is literally just what happened, according to Hayley. She sat down, wrote what happened and how she felt about the situation. It sounds kinda salty and mocking, but in a fun way. Hayley's having fun teasing this girl, knowing that she actually wants to be with her, rather than her boyfriend. It can be constructed as #problematic, but I think this is just Hayley venting her frustration about wanting a girl who isn't ready to want you back, even though she's aware of her feelings.


This song was inspired by something rather tragic. The brother of one of Hayley's friends was murdered. She said the whole situation felt so pointless and hopeless. At the memorial, somebody recited a poem with the lines "he’s not gone, [it's] just that his molecules have rearranged". You can feel Hayley's pain when she's singing "I've lost you" - but it also sounds like she's singing "I've lost truth".

Let It Be

This is a cleansing song. It begins with quiet ocean waves, before the drums kick in. It's one of the softest songs on the album, building up its speed throughout. It culminates in the line "it's killing me cause we're at the end", before it goes back into a soft guitar riff. While it's actually about a break-up, this theme of letting things go really goes for all the themes discussed on the album - you can't change the past, your experiences or another person. You just have to let it be, and move on. Hayley summed it up pretty well in this instagram post: "Let It Be is about accepting the bravery to move on, and start a new beginning, even if it’s hard"

I Want To Know What You Think!

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2018.06.13 06:02 SeptemberTwentySix The 2000's and 2010's are treasure troves of fresh and innovative music, but you have to be willing to look around for it.

A lot of people claim that the quality of music has declined since the late 1900s.
(A short disclaimer: I'm well aware that we're in murky, subjective territory, and so I present my opinion only as something to consider, rather than the 'correct' or 'true' position to hold. Do with it what you will.)
Needless to say, I don't agree with this sentiment.
If you look beyond the scope of what's played continually on the radio, you'll find some fantastic pop artists: Kehlani, Marian Hill, Hayley Kiyoko, and Charlie Puth just to name a few. If you've already done the deep dive into pop and have decided it's not your genre, consider the other subcultures and movements taking place just below the radar:
There's a huge and diverse indie rock scene out there, with groups like The Antlers and Pinegrove, (if you want something poppier, try The 1975 or the Arctic Monkeys.)
The contemporary jazz scene is killing it right now, with Harold Mabern, Dave Kikoski, Michael Brecker, and Delvon Lamarr.
I could go on forever; there is innovation seeping out of just about every genre under the sun. Do some exploration, you might be glad you did.
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2018.06.07 17:42 suchapain Rita Ora’s “Girls” Music Video Doubles Down on Problems in the Song - the mary sue

Rita Ora’s song “Girls” had a lot of backlash, as well as conversations around it about what its intent was and how it depicted women loving women. While I found the song boring, I also felt like it could be a part of a positive sexual experience for someone out there, so I chose not to fully dismiss it.
For some lesbian and queer artists, like Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani, the song seemed dismissive and “tone deaf” about how it portrayed women loving women. Rita Ora responded by coming out as bisexual (Cardi B reminded everyone that she is also bisexual) and saying that the song was reflective of “a real and honest experience in [her] life,” but also apologized if the song hurt anyone. That being said, despite Ora’s fairly thoughtful response to the criticism, the video we got for the song doubles down on all of the things people were concerned about in the song.
“Objectifying gaze”? Check. “Girls standing around not actually doing anything with girls”? Check.
Where is the red wine? Where is the kissing? Why am I only seeing close-ups of lips and bras and handholding? While hologram Rita Ora and Cardi B do share a smooch, much like what I’ve written before when it comes to too many same-sex kisses on film, it’s a dull and lifeless kiss. I’ve seen both of these actresses show more passion in other videos.
Thoughts on girls?
Why is it bad that this music video contains 'objectifying gaze', but that NSFW cosplay video is fine because women in real life can do whatever the hell they want with their bodies? Does this video not contain women in real life?
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Hayley Kiyoko & Kehlani Are Relationship Goals in 'What I ...